The Transition Years: Teens and Young Adults

It is challenging enough are the teen years when an individual has no disability:

How much more courage is required from one who makes this crossing with a disability. My passion and profession is to help young people with disabilities find a safe and enjoyable launch to adulthood through reliable programming, people, and placement.


Our services help teens and young adults with disabilities obtain:

  • Accurate and timely evaluations that identify and confirm the individual’s unique needs.

  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and other educational negotiations to address those needs.

  • Related services in speech-language, social-emotional development, occupational and physical therapy, & recreation.

  • Transition services to prepare for further education, meaningful employment, and more independent living.

We specialize in:

  • Positive behavioral supports and executive functioning strategies to develop self-management and self-advocacy

  • Document and case management using current technology.

  • Fact investigations and research  

  • Alternative dispute resolution

  • Coordination with local service providers, evaluators, local school districts, non-public schools or agencies, and referral to legal counsel when required