Next Steps

Welcome to the practice!  Yes, this is a business relationship, but possibly like none other. There will be times to rejoice about gains your child is making or laugh in relief about bullets dodged. But the goal is for your child to have a business unit like the people above: prepared, players, game changers. Here are some steps:


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Put a firewall between school papers and your wastebasket. Nothing gets thrown out.  Save everything: letters, official paper, envelopes.  Put everything as it comes — marked with date received — into a box or binder, date order. 

Get a complete copy of your child’s school file. Whether you simply call it a “records request” or a “FERPA” request after the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act that gives you this access, we need a mirror of every record the school has on your child. Connecticut law makes getting this a snap: you are supposed to have one free copy of your child’s complete file in hand within 5 school days of your written request. We’ll discuss how to move forward on this.

Get ready to start writing. We need to get your voice into your child’s file: reasonably, succinctly, respectfully, and without delay. Ironically, the loudest voice is in the silence of paper. What was “said” at a meeting is only what makes it into the record that follows. We’ll talk about the benefits of taping some PPTs — Connecticut gives you the right to tape —but the written record always trumps. Very likely, you’ll be writing amendment letters to correct the record or to clarify concerns you expressed that didn’t make it into the record. Most often, you’ll also have provided written statements of “Parent Concerns and Proposed Solutions” to the school team either before or during the PPTs. This also becomes part of your child’s file. What happened at a meeting is only what makes it to the record. And what makes it to the record has a chance of happening. 

So now that we’ve started, let’s get going! Reserve your meeting now on our interactive calendar.