You know that you are your child’s primary special education advocate, consulting with countless (sometimes conflicting) professionals, reading the books, attending conferences, and even this moment surfing the web yet again for your next piece of the puzzle. You have a team of extended family, friends, and professionals. What might a professional advocate bring to this team?

Consider the following:


  • A special education advocate may know additional tips and traps in securing appropriate educational services for your daughter or son.

  • A special education advocate gives structure to the business of resolving the current challenge.

  • A special education advocate’s business is to help the parent get things done as seamlessly as possible with a minimum of drama, knowing that once the current challenge is resolved, the family-school relationship continues in some form.

  • Parents determine the special education advocate’s role, whether the advocate acts solely as a confidential, behind-the-scenes advisor or participates openly in high-stakes meetings with the school.

  • By bringing in a special education advocate — who is not an attorney or lawyer — the parent signals to the school a sense of urgency, but also the desire to resolve issues directly within the IEP team, avoiding litigation if possible.

That said, the special education advocate has an extended professional network available for referral: diagnosticians, specialists, and attorneys or lawyers who in their own independent practices can provide assistance to your daughter or son’s case as needed.  

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Why Hire a Special Education Advocate