Getting Started

To get started, send an email to with a number and time when we might call you; or call our office at 203-899-0745. We’ll speak for a few minutes about your situation; certainly there is no charge for this. If we both feel that it makes sense to take the next step, we’ll schedule a meeting or one of our other services. To speed things along, you can also complete our confidential information form; this also goes directly to Linda’s secure inbox for “eyes only.”

**** Click here to complete the form.

  • Educational “ER” — You have an IEP meeting tomorrow or even in a few hours — called a PPT in Connecticut.  Maybe the school has even called it an “emergency” or maybe that is just how you see it. Email us at and tell us about your situation: it’s a faster way to reach us than by phone. Can’t guarantee that someone can make it in person to a meeting less than 24 hours from now. But certainly, we’ll do our best to find a way to talk with you for a few minutes, do a little triage, and help you determine if it is reasonable to reschedule the meeting until you feel more prepared. No charge for this kind of “911” email and brief follow-up call. 

       But to organize a real strategy and action plan…

  • An initial one-time consultation for up to 2 hours is available at the Norwalk office for $175. At this meeting, we’ll plan the near-term activities to best support your goals, with an estimated timeline and the associated fees for additional advocacy support:


  •            3 hours:    $450

  •           5 hours:    $750

  •           8 hours:  $1200

We will fit together a plan that works best for you and your family. Our goal is to empower you as the one who is—and always will be — the chief advocate for your child. We keep advocacy support predictable and affordable; you never have to wonder “am I running up a bill” because you always pay in advance and only for the services that you decide you need. You’ll be able to confirm the plan and schedule we set up by handling your account online; you’ll get an immediate transaction receipt for the services purchased.

Click on an icon below to purchase a plan by credit card or PayPal:



Thank you for considering Linda J Talbert, LLC, to be part of your child’s advocacy team.

 ~ Linda Talbert